Ham Ham Waterfall

Hum Hum waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Bangladesh. It’s located in Razkandi reserve forest at Srimangal Upazila in MoulviBazar District. The waterfall was discovered in 2010. Actually, this is a place where you can feel the taste of real nature. Above all, You will enjoy the beauty of the deep forest while walking inside the forest. However, The height of the fall is around 135-160 Feet. You can even reach the top part of the fall. But it’s too much risky to go there. To get the best view of the fall you need to visit during the rainy season.

In my opinion, the fall becomes more powerful during rainy monsoon. However, you must start your journey in the early morning to go there accordingly back from there. No doubt, it’s very important.

The Road to Hammam 
The total walking time is about 2 hours 30 minutes to reach the destination. If you plan to move to see the waterfall, following precautionary arrangements should be made:
1. Be mentally ready to walk on bare foot.
2. Carry a small pack with you for carrying a camera, If possible a GPS, a water bottle and light first aid items.
3. Dont forget to get a guide from the Karma Bazar to lead you.
4. Have a bamboo stick while walking to avoid slips and fall.

The whole route is full of numerous types of landscapes. From the very start point you will be walking through a forest with some some small hillocks. 

After walking through this for about 30 minutes, you will have to get down in a natural fountain (locally called chhara or nala), where you will have to walk trough water. The height of this water level will vary from ankle level to your thigh level time to time. 

You may find some people cutting bamboo in and around that fountain. Even if you dont meet them en route, you will come across the signs of bamboo extraction in that fountain. Be very careful while walking through those as to avoid leg injury by those.


In many places, You will find the bottom surface of the fountain is with stones. At times those are very slippery. You need to be more careful while walking through those.


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