Baliati Jamidar Bari

Trip to Baliati Jamidar Bari, Manikganj

This splendid antique Roman-style architectural palace is one of the most famous archaeological sites near the capital city. This colossal palace complex is also one of the largest colonial era Zamindar palaces still existing in Bangladesh. The history was inscribed in its bricks. It is surely a treat for your eyes. Enclosed by ponds, the huge palace is divided into four blocks inhabited by the four successors of the zamindar. There is a statue of roaring lion. This statue symbolises the wealth and power of the zamindar family. The zamindars of Baliati were renowned for their contribution in spreading education in this part of Bengal.


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The palace is open from 10:00am to 6:00pm in summer (April to September) and in winter (October to March) it is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm. On Mondays, it opens at 2:00pm and remains closed on Sundays.

The ticket price is Tk 20. For SAARC tourists it costs Tk 100. For foreigners the charge is Tk 200 and for students it is Tk 5. This historical site can be a great place for learning, recreation and entertainment for the tired city dwellers.


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