Moinot Ghat


A Short Trip to Mini Cox’s Bazar: Moinot Ghat
Adventurous people love backpacking to remote areas. They trigger a risky place to get the full flavor of adventure. But there are a few people who are travel lover but not adventurous. These people used to crowd different restaurants or food courts a few years ago due to lack of places to visit in or near Dhaka.

Recently this trend is changing. Crazy people are now discovering many places near Dhaka to relax and to heal the heart from boredom and busy life. Considering the money, time and distance, Moinot Ghat is one of the best choice now. It’s popularly known as mini cox’s bazar.

If you want to witness the mesmerizing ambiance, melodious sound of the water wave, sunrise, and sunset, you can have a short trip to Moinot Ghat. It’s located in Dohar Upazila of Nawabgonj near Dhaka.

Mini Cox’s Bazar:

Besides the Moinot Ghat, especially to the east side, there is the extensive ‘Char’ and at the front side the wide Padma. Being impressed by the beauty of Moinot Ghat people began to call it as mini Cox’s Bazar.

Hangout Padma:

One can hangout in the heart of Padma by small boat or speed boat. You can hire a speed boat for half hour at price 2000-2500 TK where eight people easily roam the Padma river. Besides, there is engine boat which charges 250-800 taka where 20-25 people will roam the river.

Be Careful:

During hang out the river, you should wear a life jacket for protection because in the rainy & autumn season suddenly rose the waves in the river. So it will not be wise to go with the little boat in the Padma river.

Fresh Fish:

At the time of hangout the river you may get the fishing boat amid the Padma river, so, in that case, didn’t delay to purchase the fresh fish from the fisherman.



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