Jadukata River

Jadukata River and Barik Tila are located in the same place. Jadukata River is another blue river at Sunamganj. Jadukata River is originated from the Meghalaya Hills of India & flows into Bangladesh. The river is very wide in the rainy season. If you visit in the winter, the mile long sandy bank will tell you about the fierceness of the river at rainy season. The color of the water is bluish. It’s very clear that you can almost see the river bed from the bank. You’ll find lot of large stones everywhere on the bank.

There is a hillock beside the river with 150 feet of height. It is said as Barik Tila or Barikka Tila by the local people. There is a pillar available at the hill which defines the border of Bangladesh and India. On top of it everything looks very small. The pillar between the hills is the border line between Bangladesh and India. You should be very careful about Indian BSF.

This river has produced lot of brunches & canals, but all of those joined with the Surma River.


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